Philippe A Fernandez, a native to the sunshine state of California was born October 30, 1976 in Long Beach CA. As an only child he spent his formative years in La Mirada, CA and grew to be an inquisitive child entertained by questions about the workings of the world and it’s kaleidoscope of characters and passer bys. From a child to a young adult, Philippe demonstrated a raw talent for observation, analysis, and a meticulous attention to detail.
Philippe has always been transforming people and objects for as long as he can remember. Using the pages of the world’s top fashion magazines, Philippe found a kind of canvas to reconstruct, refine, and enhance the famous faces captured in the editorial images of the time. Always absorbing the painstakingly created presentations of fashions idea of perfection. This started building an internal reference of the symmetry of the human face and the dramatic compositions referencing countless periods in time. With the use of pencils and erasers, he would take these flawless depictions and heightening there beauty or undoing the beauty; showed his natural command of balance, demonstrating and understanding the extremes of the spectrum. This hobby and the enjoyment of creative pursuits in his early teens, started to shape a trained eye and formed the principles that would become core to the belief system of the artist he is today.
In Philippe’s, teen years of fun, growth, change, trial and error, there would come a coming of age in 1993 with the development of Anxiety. Philippe, endured constant apprehensiveness to the point that his quality of life was affected at the age of 16. He was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety Disorder. Faced with this condition, Philippe, was provided treatments of prescription drugs and threats of hospitalization, that seemed the only available solution at the time.  At this cross road, Philippe ventured down the path a self imposed alternative treatments and won for himself relief from Chronic Anxiety Disorder.                                                                                                                                                                               
In 1994 Philippe, acquired formal training and completed the state requirements becoming a licensed Esthetician. In 1995 at the age of 18, he merged his formal education and his long standing creative abilities in a natural evolution that started his career as a Special Effects Makeup Artist using the most unique canvas of all canvases the Human Face. He was launched into a highly competitive, fast paced and demanding industry that he excelled in. For more than a decade (16 years) earning strong recognition in the Cosmetics, Fashion, and Entertainment Industry as an accomplished Master Makeup Artist, Spokesmen, National Representative, Trainer, and Retail Manger for brands such as Makeup Forever, Stella , Chanel, Lancôme, and Prescriptives as a Master Color Blender creating custom foundations, lip glosses, eye shadows by hand, and accepted freelance engagements as a Celebrity Makeup Artist.
Although rewarding; the unseen retail machine, that is business side of the industry, would be the force that revealed the negativity and harshness that makes the Art of Makeup uninspiring. This force fed the greater and greater hate for the Industry and Philippe’s predisposition to Anxiety. The end of 2007 marked Philippe’s exit from the stress and corrupt aspects of the Cosmetics, Fashion, and the Entertainment Industry. Since that time Philippe, has experienced a half reprieve the scales unbalanced by the on-set of Agoraphobia “free but not free”.  Home bound by Agoraphobia the remainder of 2007 and years following Philippe, persevered through the challenges and gained ART in the Holiday season of 2007 through the creation of vintage Tea & Coffee stained Holiday cards. In Philippe’s, own words “I moved around the tea and coffee stain and shapes, trees, and landscapes appeared. I have been painting ever since”.
Philippe’s, discovery balanced the scales of his condition as an accessible escape. At his finger tips were the places he wanted to be, mystical in nature filled with lush landscapes and characters with true to life emotions and experiences beautiful while unsettling.
Philippe, has spent countless hours educating himself as a self taught Artist honing his skills, mastering the detail, composition, and discovering the out of the box techniques that are present in the unforgettable works of art he has created to date.
As an Artist his art work speaks for itself,  earning the Artist Philippe A. Fernandez countless mentions and accolades by the Art Community, along with thousands of devoted followers and collectors from around the world.