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(Feb 2014)    
 Artist Philippe Fernandez, painting (Witch Island) was published in Acrylicworks The Best in Acrylic Painting​ 2014

                                                                                            (Feb 2013)                                                                                              
Fantasy art Contest 
Witch Island won 2nd place!
  ended Feb 28th 2013 
The Alternative Café
"Find Art In Monterey"
Thursday Feb 9th 2011 6pm-8pm Pacific Time
Private Event : Vernissage for the Collectors
This is a private advance showing for our collectors and the media.
Friday Feb 10th 7pm-10pm Pacific Time
Gallery Opening: Find Art
Come join us for the art show opening curated by Find Art Magazine's Neight Adamson!
Find Art Magazine is featuring three amazing artists from its extensive collection at The Alternative Cafe.
From February 10 through March 7, The Alternative Gallery will host an exhibit to remember.
Come experience the art with the gallery during the second Friday of February from 7-10pm.
Music provided by live DJ, walls prepared by Lisa Haas.
                                                                                        (July 2011)                                                                                            
Philippe Fernandez’s artwork has been featured
(The Finest In Traditional Fantasy Art) in the internationally known fantasy art magazine
(Imagine Fx) Issue 71. July 2011.
The Hive invites you to join in the fantastic revelry of another brilliant group exhibit. 
This month we have 3 main featured artists in the front gallery at The Hive, in addition our Tall and Small Wall Artists, and an installation feature. 
The Hive is also exceptionally pleased to offer some of the finest works by emerging artists from around the country. 
Additionally, Ink Pen Mutations will be showcasing a new book, and HappyDojo will be bringing in a cadre of Sexy Elves to promote their new iPhone App! 
This Saturday, May 7th, 2011, we are pulling out all the stops for this whirlwind of creative energy!
Featured Artist 1: Philippe Fernandez
Featured Artist 2: Michael Nikolas
Featured Artist 3: Japanda
Tall Wall Artist: Christopher Lyles
Small Wall Artist: Tanya Maiboroda
Installation Artist: Simon Estrada
Hive Group show:
Stephen Williams / Diane Kohne / Christi Mendoza / Mer Young / Warren Heard / Sean Joyce / 
Dave Kupczyk / Debbie Lee / Heesun Kim / Tiffany Chang / Da Hae Kim / Jocelyn Marsh / 
Mashanda Scott / Samantha Kallis / Grace Kim / Aileen Holmes / Jessica Huang / AriellA / Evangeline Joo / 
Jantzen Peake / Ping Zhu / Melissa Valladares / Christine Wu / James Chong / Gyorgy Bp Szabo / 
Juan Garrido / Lefty Joe Torres / Erika Jane Mallette / Marianne Williams / Matthew Levin / Yumiko Awae / 
Charles Swenson / Terri Woodward / Karen Kang / Ariella / Jocelyn Marsh / Diasuke Okamoto / 
Harold Scott Clark /Suzy Engelman Block / Samuel Hale / Larkin / Wellington Rawls / Matthew Price / 
Matthew Levin / Ivan Gondinez / Zara Kand / Jinx / Frances Muenzer / Ryan Campbell / Jantzen Peake
1st Place winner 2011.
For painting (Come one Come all)
Whittier Art Gallery juried all group show.
Philippe Fernandez shows at the Whittier Art Gallery
We here at the Hive are pleased to present a gathering of graphics most gripping! 
Paintings so pleasing that they may pointedly pull you, dear friend, out of your seat (were you to be sitting down)! 
In our unique, to-the-hilt style, the Hive invites you to join in our visual Carnival of Delights this Saturday, June 4th. 
We have brought together a most pleasing assortment of entertainments under our Big Top for your enjoyment. 
In addition to the 4 Featured artists, our Tall and Small Wall Artists, and our Installation Artist, 
The Hive will be showing over 30 custom Circus-themed works to excite your senses!
The Chiodo brothers, masterminds behind the cult-classic film, "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" 
will be presenting their own brand of Klown art! 
Charlie Chiodo will be in attendance making custom drawings for sale throughout the night 
The Art of Bleeding will be performing a clown-based piece with sexy nurses tending a wounded clown! And Feminine Oddities, 
The Hive's resident Burlesque troupe, have brought in a cavalcade of interesting characters to pique your interest!
The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances-
“CIRCUS, CIRCUS” Themed show
June 4th, 8PM-12:30AM
$8 at door
Show runs June 4th-25th
Featured Artist 1: Ken Dougherty
Featured Artist 2: Deanna Adona
Featured Artist 3: Charles Swenson
Featured Artist 4: Bizarro Au Go-Go
Tall Wall Artist: Sherry DeLorme
Small Wall Artist: Shannon O’Connor
Installation Artist: JNGL
Circus Themed Artists:
Macsorro / Salah / Amina Harper / Andrew Long / Jessica Ward / Tiffany Silver Braun / 
Philippe Fernandez / Marlon McWilliams / Delphia / Christopher Ulrich / Kayla Sanders / Dustin Myers / 
Henry F. Cram / Jessica Valencia / Julie Bossinger / Ted Von Heiland / Tiffany Chang / Cynthia Rogers / 
Jonathan Measures / MARACOLE / Debbie Lee / Jantzen Peake / Larkin / Jaime Lakatos / Deborah Scott / 
Shayne Labadie / Daisuke Okamoto / Yuki Miyazaki / 3RDi / Josie Portillo / Erick Rodriguez / Celene Petrulak / 
Andrea Young / Alfie Numeric / Juan Muniz / Orion and Nathan Collaboration / 
Chloe Ching / Megan Elizabeth Ford / Alex Chiu / Marine Arzuyan and more!
The Hive Gallery’s “Lovers and Haters” Themed show:
Theme: Artists make collectible pieces based, 11″x14″ or smaller based on the theme “Lovers and Haters”
OPENING SHOW and performances: February 5th, 2011, 8-12:30 AM,
SHOW RUNS: 2/5/2011 to 2/26/2011
* FREE Hive Gallery Screen printed Tote Bags to the first 50 people who attend the opening:
Brought to you by The Bagavagabonds (please see more info below on the bagavagabonds and upcoming events)
Artists from around the country have made custom paintings and sculptures influenced by the theme "Lovers and Haters". 
These loose interpretations of the phrase, were made from the heart and the pieces show it! In addition, 
our performance room gallery will have a (non-themed) group show of emerging artists, and, of course, an awe-inspiring
featured artists lineup in the front gallery including:
Featured Artist 1: Patrick Mizumoto
Featured Artist 2: Jose Carabes
Featured Artist 3: Jessica Van Hulle
Tall Wall Artist: Matthew Hibben
Small Wall Artist: Lisa Moneypenny
Installation Artist: Marcel DeJure
Guest Artist Wall: Hagop Belian
Lovers and Haters Themed show:
Sean Joyce / Kayla Sanders / Hannah Webb / Meagan Boyd / Ryan Ebelt / 
Jessica Valencia / Alexis Moulds / Philippe Fernandez /Michael Lewis / JNGL / Chloe Ching / 
Michael Carbonaro / Henry F.Cram / Andrew Long / Tanya Maiboroda / Rebecca Murphy /Debbie Lee / 
Alexander Schaefer / Lefty Joe Torres / Greg Noppe / Jason Shorr / Cig Neutron and Ronnie Rodil / Aurora Pink /
Mikolaj Wysznski / Lakin / Rick Strieck / Daisuke Okamoto / Dominic Polcino and more TBA
Come support the arts in Orange County as 2 Costa Mesa art spaces join forces. 
Enjoy drinks & music at the opening reception for a group show at The ARTery @ The LAB
curated by Find Magazine!
Artist Philippe Fernandez shows his art at The ARTery Gallery.
FIND ART Issue #5 Release Art Show
Philippe A. Fernandez
Opening Reception Saturday, November 13 from 7PM - 1AM. 
Live art, live music, and a few gourmet food trucks. Also a Special celebrity surprise appearance.
Art Show Until 12/17/2010
(FIND Art Magazine & Gallery) 
1640 Superior Ave. Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
(949) 278-6702
Artist Philippe Fernandez at Find Art Gallery

Zzyzx Gallery is celebrating the Opening of our exhibit Beautiful Botanicals.
This exhibit will be featuring illustrations, artifacts, and Paintings by artist Philippe Fernandez. 
Beautiful Botanicals runs August 12th -September 4th 2010.
If you have yet to see an original Philippe Fernandez painting, now is you’re chance!
My artwork will be on display while the musical play (Zanna, Don’t) is in production.
June 25 - July 31. At The Empire Theatre, in Santa Ana’s Artist Village. 
I will be making a special 2 hour appearance July 10th 2010 from 5pm-7pm.​